KiO Week: Happy Easter!

This weekend season 387 will end propably with a great clash in the clan championship, as the new fusion clan JVP battles many-times-champions GVV for the title. And then, there’s of course the Easter Special!

From friday, 10 CEST, until monday, 22 CEST, we will hide easter eggs in the game, or, to be more precise, in certain play actions. You’ll have to find them and collect them. On saturday and sunday, the secret location will change to somewhere else! But we’re sure you’ll collect many many colourful eggs. Whenever you have 5 eggs of one sort, you can activate them in your inventory to get a free item. The egg’s colors vary by rarity, so the golden and striped ones are only rarely found. For example 5 of the striped eggs give you one platinum specialist player contract, so you’ll want to find as many as possible!

Additionally, you get 3 free extra ruby for each pack purchase until monday evening.

Before you start searching for eggs, we’d like to announce the next large update for june this year. You know we’ll celebrate our game’s 8th birthday end of may, then we’ll have the KiO Team Worlcup and of course there’s the real world cup this summer – enough reasons for an exciting update with great new elements, we’re sure you’ll love them. So stay tuned, more on this is to come soon!

A last message from our developer section: The match analysis result „no defensive header“ now actually works at last. We managed to hunt down this bug. So now if the analysis thinks the match result has been influenced by this fact, it will be displayed.