Weekend Special: Protein Boost!

Let’s test a new player boost together this weekend. The protein diet:

This works like any boost, but only non superstitious players will accept it. (Note that you need the latest Android version to display the item correctly. Others will also display it, and it works, but the description will be inaccurate and it will be shown as generic player boost, not as protein diet).

The diet gives the chosen player a boost of +5 for 5 days! Obviously, this is very strong. We are planning to put this item into treasure chests, replacing the career prolongation. This weekend is for judging how you like the new item according to your feedback.

Note the „best before“ date on the diet items. You need to use them before that date on a player. So test it this weekend or next season.

Now for the most important question: Where do you get the protein diet from?

It’s rather simple. It is added to your talent point when you visit the academy. Note that this works only once each day. So if you already activated the academy today, you won’t get the diet. But anyway you’ll get enough to test it. Because the special is running until monday evening, you can get at least 3, and most of you 4 protein diets to test. Note that all existing boost rules apply!

Now have fun with the new items and don’t forget to send your feedback!