Announcing the June update

Next sunday, the June update will be published.
There will be several minor improvements, like tap-enabled clan logos on team screens and a list of all your matches against that team on the lower end of the team screen, and a web based chat with buddies. Furthermore, on the profile screen, you will be able to enter your birthdate (once!) to receive a present on each birthday. This is of course optional. We also extend the setup save slots to 16 with the almanac.

Another improvement concerns the mascots. We know that you dislike the fact, that if you lose the “Golden Goal”, you lose 5 bonus points at once. In the future, all mascots will have bonus value TWO (except Bob the sheep who stays by 1), and there will be EIGHT mascots in total, still yielding a total bonus of 15 (Bob=1, plus 7 times 2). Note that existing mascots will not be changed, so for a while there will exist both “old” mascots with bonus over 2 and “new” with bonus 2. The rule is, that you can exchange collectible cards for new mascots as long as you don’t exceed the total bonus of 15. If for example a Golden Goal (with bonus 5) retires, you can immediately use 22 collectibles to create to new mascots of bonus 2.

You’ll propably remember that we had standard tournaments with enhanced rock-paper-scissors system as a weekend special recently. The feedback was very positive which made us decide to bring those tournaments into play permanently. That said, 2 out of 3 standard tournaments will be played normally, and 1 out of 3 will be played with RPS emphasis. Note that Universe Cup, qualifiers, Galaxy Cups and special tournaments remain as they are.

The update will be published for Android this sunday. The Windows version is delayed for some days, but you will be able to use the server-side benefits like the nex mascots and the “tactical” tournaments anyway, even with the old and discontinued ios version.

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