Update news wrapped up

Large update – let’s wrap it all up!

  • New Titan Cup and Titan League for top teams
  • Platinum Cup and League have strength limit of 99
  • KiO Cups B and A have level limits of 25 and 30. KiO League remains open!
  • Clan championship medals for places 1-3 and the best newcomer clan
  • Solve daily clan challenges together to score 30 points (or 90 if you manage to double-fulfil it) for the clan championship
  • 4 new challenges: level up (for beginners only), win x prestige, reach x morale, win x times with a certain formation
  • maximum squad size 40 instead of 36
  • Delay before friendly matches start has been reduced
  • Minor improvements

Most of these improvements have been done because of suggestions from YOU, the community!

Thanks for playing and celebrate with us today the 7th Birthday of our game!