Clan Challenges

Sunday’s update will bring the all new clan challenges!

Each active clan with more than 1 team will get one challenge each day. They will be running from midnight to midnight (CEST).

There will be three different challenges for a start, presented in a loop: Win against teams of other clans, win tournaments, and simply: play matches.

The challenge amount depends solely on your clan’s position in the last season’s championship! This means that it’s hardest for the best clan, and not so hard for others. That said, each challenge has a minimum amount below place 5 or 6, because „play 1 match“ for place 20 or so would be no challenge at all.

All clan members sum up for the clan challenge! If you solve it, you score 30 points for the championship!

But that’s not all. In contrast to the team challenges, you can exceed the required amount, and if you reach 200%, you score another 60 points!

This way, if you would reach 200% fulfilment each day, you could earn 7 times 30+60 points – that’s 630! Of course that’ll be not that easy. But it is certainly achieveable, depending on your clan’s commitment.

Note that to win the clan championship, you would have needed roughly 1500-2500 points during the last season. With many solved clan challenges you can climb up in the ranking considerably! Also, as the challenges are rather easy for beginner clans, it’s worth to fight for the new best beginner clan medal which is also introduced with the update!

All information about the clan challenges will also be added to the wiki.

Tomorrow, we’ll undisclose the last remaining improvement this large birthday update brings!