November Update

On Sunday the 29.11. the November update KiO 6.11 appears with the following new features:

  • Kik appears at Clan member
  • Tournament tickets make it possible to invite all clan members to a tournament (similar to previously Buddies)
  • Possibility to reject clan member applications (generated message to the applicant).
  • Clans can be „closed“ at the Clan Manager, so no one can apply.
  • Display of Clan foundation date.
  • New Shop Item: friendly match tour. If you activate this item, the server team will automatically log in the free-for-all-Lounge to 10 games, even if you’re offline. Of course, the activation is not possible just before league match or during a tournament.
  • Regional Cup: Every Regional Cup is running at the same time, 5 points for the clan value, there must be at least 4 human participants be registered, otherwise the tournament will be canceled.
    Banner for Merchandise shop on the Get Packs page.
  • Deprecated items TrainingCenter II and flags will be recycled and thus removed from all inventories
  • Analysis will no longer omit the Surprise tag in certain tactical matches against weak opponents when both playing defensive.

Have fun!