October Update: The Clans are here!

Ladys and Gentleman!

Today begins a new era in Kick it out! The october update brings clans into the game.

Found your own clan (with a clan foundation item from the shop) or join an existing clan (for free). Then you can participate in the Clan Cup Happy Hours which gain much clan prestige. Clan prestige is what counts for the weekly clan championship*. Clan founders can even upload a self made clan logo. Read all about the clans on our Wiki!

Leaders of existing inofficial clans listed on the wiki page may contact our support ingame and receive a foundation item for free to re-create their clan.

Clans are what our game needed most. In the future, we can add even more clan features. You are welcome to present your ideas on the forum. Because it’s YOUR game.

There is one more change: As announced previously, the match analysis will not call match surprise or sensation, if it’s a lame remis against a bad team when you play a defensive formation. That’s not a surprise, it’s simply the wrong tactic. Against a much worse team, play 442 or 433 and you will most propably win. Even if the other team plays 541, don’t play 343. Just overrun them with your much better attackers. (Actually that’s not something we need to tell you. You are a football expert, you knew it anyway!)


*new toplist will be added in a soon coming update