September Update

Version 6.9 is already available for ios and Android.
The major change comes this sunday: We will replace the enlightenments in treasure chests by new versions which are in fact player boosts!
The new enlightenment boost will boost superstitious players by 13 points for 2 days.
New and old enlightenments cannot be combined. You cannot enlight-boost a player with strength above 99, and old enlightenments you still have will never hit new-enlightened players.

The new enlightenment is strictly better than the old one, but it has different dynamics. You never have many of them, and they only work for two days. For example for the last days of the season. But what if your strongest league competitors use their enlightenments in the beginning of the season? You will see the „monsters“ with up to 26 „old“ enlightenments vanish during the next weeks. And you will need to choose wisely when to use the new enlightenments and on which player (which was not possible before!).

We are sure that soon enough, you will not miss the old enlightenment items.
That’s all for the september update, because we are already working on the new major feature for the october update: The clans. So stay tuned for this great improvement for the community!