July update

July Update comes on sunday, 26th with these changes:

  • Activate crystal ball, prolongation and (new) magic shoes in the inventory and then choose the player instead using the player screen.
  • Android: Improved stadium building directly on the stadium screen
  • New collectibles: Ruby and Treasure (11 can be converted to the named item). You get one of those collectibles when you join the new Happy Hour „Treasure hunt“ and multiples it you win that tournament or come in second. Ruby collectibles are more common than treasure collectibles.
  • Android: Autosave of squad setup at the end of the match countdown is removed from the setup screen
  • New user created mascos Bodo Bum finally replaces Karlo Kick (if you get a new one)
  • Removed the „play with 2 U21 players“ challenge by public demand
  • Removed the „double challenge reward“ happy hour because of common misunderstandings of how it works

The iPhone version is already available. Versions for Winphone 7 and Windows 8 might be delayed by some days. The all new version for Winphone 8 is currently in beta test.