Semi Finals of Clan World Cup

These round proceeded without delay, so we can start with the semi-finals of the Clan World Cup.
But first, all the results of the quarterfinals:

TRM domnitsch – -Pro- Caen Kylian34 2:1

Naitsab l KL – TRM EDDSCHI THE SNIPER 1:1 -> 2:1

-DE- Saxons Halla – -FR- Ladeutchmanstyle 2:1

TRM EL Paso – -GSE- The Last Samurai 3:1

These teams reached the semi final of World Cup. With only one win, they can be in the finals!

TRM domnitschNaitsab I KL

-DE- Saxons HallaTRM EL Paso

Also in the semifinals the previous rules apply.
It is just a game played, should this end with a draw, a repetition match is scheduled.
You have time until Sunday, so the 06.21.2015.
If both teams do not communicate to the determined date both will be disqualified. The next opponent then has a free ticket.

We wish a lot of fun and good luck!
In a thrilling semifinal !!

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