Quarter finals of the clan world cup

After the sixteenth is so gratifying went smoothly, it goes directly to the next round. The round of the last eight teams.
Here, however firstonce the last round:

TRM domnitsch – -Pro- Devil Dark 3: 2

TRM Rolling Thunder FC – -Pro- Caen Kylian34 2: 3

Naitsab l KL – TRM Rumpel foot 4: 1

BMC Kölle 1948 – TRM EDDSCHI THE SNIPER 1: 1 -> 0: 1

-Pro Black widow – -DE- Saxons Halla 0: 3

BMC Baden Power KSC – -FR- Ladeutchmanstyle 0: 2

-Pro Cannes AS 06 – TRM El Paso 0: 2

-DE- FC Flying Dutchman – -GSE- The Last Samurai 1: 2

Following then sees the next round as follows:

TRM domnitsch – -Pro- Caen Kylian34


-DE- Saxons Halla – -FR- Ladeutchmanstyle

TRM EL Paso -GSE- The Last Samurai

The rules continue to exist. It is just one match to be played, should this end with a draw, repeat the match.
You have time until Thursday, the 18.06.2015.
Because of delays in the final laps, the following rule applies:
If both teams do not speak to a date to be determined, will be disqualified them both. The next opponent then has a bye.

We wish a lot of fun and good luck!

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