February Update

The february update is here!

It brings a lot of new features – mostly requested by the Community, by YOU!

Starting with league season #226, you can qualify for the new weekly GALAXY CUP, which will be held on 28.2. for the first time (17h UTC). Places 2-5 of each first division qualify for admission.

There are also the first ‘tactical’ Leagues (World League and Belgium) with increased weighting of the rock-paper-scissors tactics system.

Also new game analysis in each game and extended statistics on the proportion of surprises and sensations in your games, as well as your personal RPS rates (extended statistics are delayed for iOS). The analysis checks if the match result is deserved, expected, a surprise (happens in roughly 15% of all matches) or even a sensation (3% of all matches). Your archivist tells you which portion of your matches ended with a surprise or sensation. If larger than 20%, you should think about your tactics. Visit our forum for discussion about optimal tactics.

We also fulfilled a long-term wish: You now can rename your stadium using an item from the ruby shop! (requires suburb stadium or better)

Due to popular demand, we changed the challenge “play x friendly matches at home” to “play x friendly matches”.
We hope this improves the situation in the friendly lounges.

In addition, after the update, we display the “last played formation” instead of the “last saved formation” in the profil of other teams.

We also want to introduce you to the new Team Info box on the Main Screen.
After the update, you can see the latest news from kick-it-out.de directly inside the game (clickable) and the current and next “happy hour” special.
You can swipe through the informations. (The display on iOS and WinPhone may vary)

Wait, “happy hours”? What’s that?

Each day from afternoon until late night there will be different specials each hour.
What kind? Let yourself be surprised. 😉

We hope you’re pleased with the new update and have fun!

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