Paysafecard Competition

Today we are starting a new competition. To join, use the ingame feedback function until november 9th to answer a quiz game question. You can win a paysafecard PIN with a value of EUR 5,00 or Ruby Packs. For technical reasons (and because your country might have a different currency) you MUST include your country name and „Contest“ as a keyword. Your message could look as follows:

Contest: Answer A, Espana

Paysafecard sponsors 100 PINs! On top we add 30 Small Ruby Packs as consolation prizes. If there are more correct answers than prizes available, they are distributed by lot.

Prepaid for everyone!


paysafecard lets you pay online as quickly and safely as if using cash. No bank account or credit card are needed. Pick up paysafecard from your local sales outlet and pay online easily with the 16-digit paysafecard PIN. You can also sign up free for my paysafecard – your personal online payments account. This provides you with an overview of all your paysafecard PINs and lets you pay even more easily with just your username and password.

As an extra, you get 5 free ruby for each pack purchase using Paysafecard!

And now the question!

How many matches have been played since the foundation of Kick it out?

Antwort A: 1 mil
Antwort B: 7 mil
Antwort C: 21 mil
Antwort D: 95 mil

Paysafecard and Ludetis wish you good luck!