Forum Tournaments

You are looking for a sponsor for a scheduled tournament? Speak to us !!
Tentatively Ludetis support for one month (until the end of April) Forum Tournaments each with a free Ruby pack for the winner.

For this purpose, the tournament must meet the following conditions:

1. At least 16 participants.
2. Transparent organization on the forum, ie all results are given in the forum.
3. No restrictions on participation, that is, anyone who wants to, must be allowed to participate (exception: maximum number of participants was initially established and is reached, so no other users can be accepted). This means in particular that clan internal tournaments are not supported!
4. The tournament must for this special action in April [i] only [/i] (discharge date of the final or last or match)
5. The tournament organizer tell the Community Manager the name of the winning team.

If proven, this approach, we will make it a permanent facilities and are also happy to improvement suggestions!