October Update

This sunday we will release the KiO october update for Android (ios, win8 and winphone might come a few days later). It brings one new feature which has been developed together with the community (you!) during the last months: Exclusive Scout Offers. This works as follows:

1. You can get a new challenge which has the reward „scout discovery“. Finish this challenge and your scout will be in „discovery mode“. This will also be displayed on his screen of course.

2. Whenever the scout is in discovery mode and you send him out for a player search, he returns with exactly one result. (Otherwise he works as before.)

3. The resulting player fits your search parameters exactly. Yes, this means that you can „make“ a 18 year old Q99 cat this way (but no Q100 players and not players with + signs). You then get one or two distinct offers to buy this player immediately. One offer is ruby only, the other is (less) ruby plus cash. Of course ruby and cash both depend on the strength of the player. The ruby only option does only exist for prices less than 150 ruby. This is because we propably all do not want newbies to buy 100 ruby packs and then buy a Q99 team out of nowhere. Thus you need a considerable amount of cash to buy such top players. Here is a screen:

Player discovered by Scout
(sorry for this being a german screenshot, but I am sure you understand what it means)

Examples for prices:

Top silver (Q69) 18 years cost 25 ruby or 20 ruby plus 3 millions. Compare this to the silver player in the premium shop who costs 20 but has random stats. Paying 5 ruby more or 3 million is obviously a fair option.

Top gold (Q89) cost 45 ruby or 27 ruby plus 9.5 million K$. Specialists slightly more. Given the fact that you could get 3 players with selectable position of this type out of 2 ruby packs, this also is quite fair.

Platinum (Q94) cost 137 ruby or 59 ruby plus 500 mil. This is the best player for whom the ruby only option exists. Specialists are more expensive (67 ruby plus 600 mill).
Top platinum (Q99) specialists cost 148 ruby plus 1.7 billion K$. Obviously the best players are extremely expensive. I am sure all of you understand that there is no other way. The best items in any game must always remain very hard to achieve. That said, the ruby cost is still below 150 which equals two ruby packs. So for €1,98 plus the money many pro teams have (and know nothing to do with) equals one absolute top specialist of choice. Before you scream how expensive this is, please note that a) you can exactly determine the stats of your new player which is not possible in the academy, and b) given the fact you have the money, it is actually quite cheep compared to how many booster packs you need to get such a player from the academy.

Note that the new scout feature has been designed together with the community. Especially the ruby+cash option was a great idea from the community which makes the new feature really flexible and worth a try. Of course we will monitor how many players are sold for which price and if needed, we will adjust the prices. But for now, get the update and try the new feature on sunday. I am sure you will like it.

One short look into the future: The october update is the last update for KiO 5. Next is KiO 6 which will bring some simplifications and a modernized look. More info soon.