April Update

The April Update appears on Android at the 04/27/2014, next Sunday.
Updates for the other platforms include only corrections, not the three major innovations.

First of all, Slot Machine, which buy in -game store to buy cheap .

Slot Maschine

  • It always appears when you press the kick-off whistle and waiting for the opponent doin the same. (This is important: There won’t be a delay because of this method, only the boring waiting time is removed!)
  • You can play up to 5 rounds with this Slot Machine (free of charge). If the game starts before, correspondingly less.
  • You can win the new Trading Cards, when three appear in a row (on the middle part there are colorful joker). If you have 11 Trading Cards, they can be exchanged for some items.
  • There are 5 different Trading Cards in decreasing order of frequency. The rarest is it the purple one.
  • You can exchange each 11 Trading Cards for items. The rarer the Trading Card, the more valuable items can you receive.

  • No one should feel compelled to play Slot Machine. It is a feature of bridging the waiting time. No one can or should get a great advantage by using the Slot Maschine.
  • You can get the Trading Cards in May also by purchasing packs and playing the first match of the day as a part of a special like this month the eggs.

Second – and this is a small revolution – SponsorPay :


  • In the shop you can now buy rubins for items that are only in packs.
  • You’ll get the rubins on SponsorPay by clicking on the „Get“ button. Then you can choose whether you would like, for example, try a game or app (there are about 20 different offers from different species). After a short time you’ll get a certain number of rubies. There are no cost for you; SponsorPay is paying your items.
  • In this way, players who dont want to buy any packs for real money or aren’t able to(as in foreign countries) or may not ( Kids). In addition, you don’t have to buy a whole Pack, if you only need relocations.