Improving 5-4-1

Some of you were very smart and found a 4-4-2 variant which regularly has better stats against 5-4-1 than desired.
We must change this to secure the rock-paper-scissors system which is in place since the february update and works pretty well.
We will improve 5-4-1 in the way that you can use of man-to-man-marker specialists. As there are no „gaps“ to fill in 5-4-1, they will act as improved defenders against the opponent’s attacks. This means that 5-4-1 gets less goals when you use man-to-man-markers.

The new rock-paper-scissors stats are as follows (as always not taking ties into account):

442-541 40:60
541-343 30:70
343-442 35:65

Those values can vary by roughly 5 percent if you or your opponent play different variants.

The additional tactics end up as follows:

433-541 20:80
4231-343 30:70
424-541 10:90

You see that each formation has at least one counter formation. So don’t forget to check your next opponent’s preferred formation and change. This can really make a difference!

The changes will be applied sunday, march 16th, early morning, and will also be edited into our Wiki.