Kick it Out! 5.1 Preview

As already announced in the game Kick it Out 5.1 is published this weekend.

The list of changes is as follows :

1. To prevent accidental or deliberate bad lineup in league matches there will be the so-called Coaches Line-up:

If before a league game the team is more than 10 % worse than the best tactic for the setup, the trainer will change the lineup for this game to improve the team and sends a notification message to the manager.

2. Challenge at morale<0: Win 5 games, get +1 morale

3. Readjustment morality Mascot effect: probability for the appearance of the mascot is with player strength divided by best strength scaled, ie 49er AB effect in a 99er team is only about half as strong, 99er full of course.

4. Help pop-up when you tap on the morale on the mainscreen.

5. Scout fields for search.

6. Displays the registration date on team screen.

7. Again additional memory slots for the Cotrainer ( then a total of 5 slots) .

8. Preventing to strong lineups in silver – Friendly lounge.

9. Medal for 1/11/111 UC participations & Medal for 6/66/666 held rock concerts .


The update update 5.1 will be available at 01/19/2014 at Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets.

We wish now have fun with the new version!