Update July

Kick it out! update July brings the following changes on the last sunday of july:

1. Opponent’s coach actions become visible before the match starts. If a team activates the first CA less than 30 seconds before kick off, the match is postponed by some seconds so the opponent can see the coach action and react if he wants. This should further increase the acceptance of coach actions.

2. New coach action: LONG SHOTS +50% shots of Offensive Midfield players, -50% possession on forward positions, cost 2 coach action points, needs 0 coach experience points. This CA does work perfectly against counter attack tactics because it causes less counter attacks and allows more shots (but with less strength than attackers). Also note that the more OM you have, the better: 4-2-3-1 and 3-4-3 allow for 3 resp 4 OM players which can cause a significant increase of goal shots.

Note that the new coach action has been developed together with the community on our forum, and is the winner of a voting.

Have fun with the latest update!