Join the Platinum Cup!

Starting June 26th, there’s a new regular tournament: The Platinum Cup. It takes place each full hour for four teams with strength above 30. Please note that if less than four teams sign up for a Platinum Cup, it is cancelled (because we have no AI teams which are that strong to fill it up).

Furthermore, from now on the KiO Cup is limited to max strength 40.

So now we have these regular official tournaments:

KiO Junior Cup (Level 1) for 4 or 8 teams up to Q 20 each 15 minutes

KiO Cup (Level 2) for 4 or 8 teams up to Q 40 each 15 minutes

KiO Platinum Cup (Level 3) for 4 teams with Q 30 or better each full hour

KiO Universe Cup for 32 teams with prestige 100 or better each Sunday evening

Now go and win the cup!